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Those of you who need the best private physiotherapy Chertsey has to offer to help them deal with arthritis or other chronic pain – researchers need your help. It’s been a mystery for some 2,000 years that’s plagued sufferers of this joint disease: whether the weather really does affect your pain levels.

However, the University of Manchester is hoping to cast some light on the situation with a study that chronicles sufferers’ pain levels and marries it up with their local weather and temperature for evidence on what atmospheric differences cause the most pain.

The idea of the study, entitled Cloudy With A Chance Of Pain, is for arthritis and chronic pain sufferers to download the special smartphone app and rate their symptoms daily or whenever they are able.

The phone’s GPS will automatically give weather indications alongside your personal pain experience.

The study is taking place throughout 2016, with the hopes that data will provide evidence on the weather conditions that will make sufferers pain flair up.

The researchers then hope to be able to create pain forecasts, forewarning on conditions that are likely to aggravate pain, so that sufferers can plan their activities accordingly, much like hay fever forecasts through the pollen count.

They’re also asking participants for their thoughts on the correlation between weather and their symptoms, calling the study a “big citizen science experiment” to try uncover the cause and effect of weather and chronic pain.

If you want to take part, download the app here and get involved in rating your pain symptoms.

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