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At PhysioT Mobile Physiotherapy, we work extensively with elderly patients, both in their homes and also in care and retirement homes, whether responding to a specific event or injury, or working ongoing to maximise their quality of life through freedom and range of movement.

We interface extensively between the patient, their carers or other healthcare professionals, and their families. We are often retained by concerned and worried family members who may live at a distance, and through ongoing lifestyle physiotherapy we are able to bridge that gap by being present, treating regularly, promoting movement and empowering the patient to maximise their lives. It is often a very rewarding and reassuring experience for all interested parties, extra support to the patient, reassurance to the family member, and rewarding to see the twinkle and spark often reignited in the eye…

As a mobile physiotherapy service, we take treatment either to the patient’s own home or to their care or retirement home. We will always work (subject to the patient’s authorisation) with family members and care home carers to integrate treatment into the patient’s normal way of life, maximising and promoting rehabilitation to the fullest extent. And in the more challenging and emotionally difficult cases, we work in end of life palliative care to maximise comfort and function at the end of the journey.