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Treatment tailored to you in your environment to maximise recovery and aid future injury prevention

PhysioT Mobile Physiotherapy works just like any other physiotherapy, but the key difference is we come to you and treat in your own environment which brings many advantages to help ensure your recovery is as successful and as quick as possible.

Fully equipped with everything we need, from a portable treatment table to portable ultrasound, from gym balls to exercise bands, we follow a “whole person” approach to the treatment and prevention of injury, disease and disability, including fully assessing all the environmental factors (home, office, other) that surround you that may also be contributing to injury or slowing recovery.

In some cases, we may recommend taking treatment away from the home, for example to the park, gym or swimming pool. As a mobile clinic we have the freedom and ability to select the best place to manage your rehabilitation without carrying the costs of “owning it all” ourselves. This in turn allows us to keep our costs reasonable to you.

Furthermore, we take the time we need at each treatment session. Many fixed location clinics are limited to 30min appointments, or expensive “double appointments”. At PhysioT our philosophy is that each treatment session will last as long as it needs to, for some this may be 30minutes, for others it may be 60minutes or even longer. It is likely that during your treatment with us that you experience a variety of session lengths depending on how your rehabilitation is progressing. One thing is certain however, we take the time we need each time. Your rehabilitation is our priority.

Based on Walton-on-Thames, we cover approximately a 15mile radius around Walton, from Windsor to Richmond, Kingston to Epsom and Leatherhead to Woking and everywhere within. We are open 7 days a week and have both early and late appointments available. Our goal is to fit in with you.

Key Benefits of Mobile Physiotherapy:

1. Convenience

Our lives are “non-stop and always on the go”. The 9-5 is dead, and the To Do list never ends, not to mention the school drop offs, pick ups and taxi-services to the many children’s clubs, sports events and so on. PhysioT makes recovery from injury easier by fitting in with you at a convenient time and making rehabilitation a part of your life, not just “another thing to do”!

2. Easier

Some injuries can make it difficult to travel… broken bones, post operation recovery, back and neck injury amongst the most common. What’s more – driving, parking, organising lifts and help from family or friends… PhysioT takes care of all of this by coming to you… when injured, you don’t need recovery to be any more difficult or inconvenient than it already is!!

3. More effective

It is the unseen or unspoken contributors to injury that can slow, or accelerate recovery. How you sit at your home office, how you unstack the dishwasher, your quality of mattress – all these are often unseen or unspoken yet can have a significant impact on rehabilitation effectiveness. For example, seeing a baby or child move in their own environment is far more relaxed and insightful than in a clinic. Likewise, integrating treatment into an elderly person’s own environment, showing simple things that can be done in every day life can have a tremendous impact on a successful and sustaining rehabilitation.