Physiotherapy that comes to you.

PhysioT Mobile Physiotherapy exclusively provides home or office based physiotherapy, treating you at your convenience, and adapting rehabilitation to you, your environment and your own unique needs. Based on Walton-on-Thames, we cover approximately a 15mile radius around Walton, from Windsor to Richmond, Kingston to Epsom and Leatherhead to Woking and everywhere within. We are open 7 days a week and have both early and late appointments available. Our goal is to fit in with you.

PhysioT Mobile Physiotherapy takes a 360 degree approach to the treatment and prevention of injury, disease and disability, taking a “whole person approach” that includes fully assessing the environmental factors that surround you that may also be contributing to injury.

Almost everybody experiences injury in some form or another, with physical activity one of the most recognised contributors, whether a simple game of football in the back garden or a Sunday afternoon walk along the river, through to more regular and sustained exercise, such as the gym or rugby, tennis and skiing.

Long term conditions or illness can also affect mobility and physical ability, something that can often be overlooked. Stroke, Parkinson disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, all have an impact on quality of life, and can benefit from ongoing physiotherapy.

There are many subtle causal factors to injury that result from daily activity placing unnecessary strain or discomfort on the body, often with a long term cumulative build up and sometimes more acute conditions such as sciatica or osteo-arthritis. Sitting or sleeping positions, the home office set up, adapting to life with a new baby, elderly bodies coping with increasingly more difficult physical tasks and the list goes on and on.

Whatever your injury, complaint or discomfort, PhysioT will build a programme that becomes a part of your life, not a disruption to it. We adapt each treatment, personalising and adapting it to your needs, lifestyle and environment to give you the best chance of making a sustainable long-term recovery and helping prevent re-occurrence in the future.

We also work extensively with the Elderly, whether treating specific injury or seeking to maximum quality of life through freedom and range of movement. We often interface between the patient, the families and associated carers and other healthcare professionals as part of a holistic approach to care.

Give us a call today. We will always give complimentary advice on the phone and offer a free assessment of injury before committing to a treatment programme. So if in doubt, just give us a call.

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mobile physiotherapy
mobile physiotherapy