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About Exercise 

Today, people spend increasing amounts of time in a sedentary “state”, often at desks, in offices, in front of a multiple of digital devices or even just in the car commuting, our bodies are subject to different stresses than the generations before us. This has multiple different impacts on our bodies, whether regular exercise or just starting up.

There are many ways to exercise, from regular planned events such as training and games, to controlled gym sessions to the more relaxed and often unplanned exercise such as garden football or walking. One thing is for sure, regular physical exercise is good for all of us, for both the body and the mind, helping reduce many medical risks, for example: being overweight, high blood pressure, heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes as well as reducing stress, anxiety and depression

With that said physical exercise also comes with enhanced risk of injury, particularly if the body is not prepared properly. There are many predictors of injury, with some of the most common being:

  • Poor preparation and warm up
  • Previous injury
  • Too much physical activity without managing the “body-loading” – ie too much of a single activity, or going too far too quickly…
  • Mental state at the point of activity (stress is a massive consideration factor as naturally tightens your muscles and body)
  • Muscle unbalance – hard to detect, but often a historical cause where certain muscles have built up more than others, therefore causing undue pressure or loading on the weaker muscles

There are many more, and PhysioT can help with managing all of them, whether through diagnostic advice to help you get ready for exercise, helping prepare your body for more extreme exertion or simply treating and advising post initial discomfort, our goal is to ensure you stay as fit and as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

PhysioT Physiotherapy offers simple preventative and early stage treatments such as sports massage, deep tissue massage and trigger point release. Contact us for more information.

On our “exercise guides” page, you will find links to some simple, common exercise for particular complaints and preparation for some common sports. There are also simple instruction videos to show you properly the exercises. If you have any concerns whatsoever however, you should consult a Healthcare Professional before undertaking exercise, and we would be happy to advise, we offer a free 15minute consultation.