Top Tips For Good Spinning Technique

By 14th September 2015Advice

If you’re keen to get in shape and do more exercise, you might want to consider going to a spinning class once a week, one of the best ways to quickly lose weight and improve your fitness levels.

However, it is intensive so you need to make sure your technique iscorrect or you may find you have to call out the Sunbury on Thames physiotherapy experts more often than you’d like.

So with that in mind, make sure that you:

Engage your core

You need to make sure that your abdominal muscles are engaged when spinning in order to ensure you maintain your balance when riding out of the saddle. If you find you’re leaning on the handlebars when standing, you’re not working correctly. Remember that the bars are there to balance you, not to keep you upright.

Keep your knees forward

If you fatigue as you cycle, you could find that your knees increasingly point to the sides. You need to make sure that your knees point forward and your toes never point downwards or you could strain your knees and do yourself a real injury. If you’re struggling, slow down and correct your posture.

Focus on shoulder tension

There’s a lot to think about when spinning but to avoid injuring yourself, make sure your shoulders are relaxed and not hunched up. Doing this will help to keep your knees, feet and core in the right place so before you start pedalling do your checks to see if your form is correct. Your body will thank you in the end.

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