Untrained Dance Teachers ‘Hurting’ Children’s Feet

By 26th January 2016News

Children as young as 18 months could soon need the help of a physiotherapy specialist in Shepperton or elsewhere, if the assertions from the teachers at the Royal Academy of Dance are to be believed.

They are now saying that the feet of children in primary schools are being put under great strain because of unqualified dance teachers showing them techniques that should only be taught once people’s bones have been fully developed, the Times, via the Daily Telegraph, reports.

Apparently, young children are being shown the en pointe technique, where body weight is supported purely by the tips of the feet – and this can cause lasting damage. According to dance experts, this technique should only be attempted from the age of 12.

Chief executive of the RAD Luke Ritter told the news source: “Anybody could put up a notice on their front door announcing a school of dance. You could run a successful business without anybody knowing that you have absolutely no training or qualifications.”

Mr Ritter went on to note that some teachers have been taking advantage of increased class numbers thanks to the popularity of shows like Strictly Come Dancing.

If you are worried about your child’s development after taking them to ballet classes, it would be worth going to see a qualified physiotherapist. It’s always better to get problems checked out sooner rather than later so that there are no long-term issues that your child will have to live with for the rest of their life.

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