What Is A Lack Of Physio Support Costing The NHS?

By 31st March 2016News

Have you ever wondered if the best physiotherapy Claygate has to offer was offered on the NHS nationwide, what the effect would be? If you’re looking for physiotherapy, it may be because of back pain – and how many times have you been to see a GP about it?

The Physiotherapy Cost Calculator is a new feature from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) which works out the amount of time that would be freed up if patients with back pain and other chronic conditionswere offered the chance to see a physiotherapist as a first port of call.

It’s believed that, on average, the provision of physiotherapists would mean doctors could spend an extra five minutes with other patients and with further research finding GPs believe that a standard tenminute appointment is not enough, that could be very important.

Physiotherapists are already engaged with surgeries across the country, and in a three month trial, more than 700 people saw physiotherapists who would have otherwise seen a GP.

Karen Middleton, chief executive of the CSP, said: “More GPs are choosing to invite physiotherapists to work alongside them in surgeries up and down the country to save time and money.”

The calculator finds that an average GP surgery had 249 appointments a week for musculoskeletal conditions, and it costs over 6,000 per week for the doctor to see those patients, whereas it would only cost 3,800 for a physiotherapist to attend to them.

You can explore the Physiotherapy Cost Calculator on the CSP website here.

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