How To Prevent Sports Injuries

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While it’s comforting to know that Claygate physiotherapy services will be there to help if the worst happens on the sports pitch, there is much you can do to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.

Although regular exercise and sport is undoubtedly good for your health, you do need to take care of yourself while out and about, with injuries often caused by poor warm-ups, pushing yourself too far, poor technique or inappropriate use of equipment.

You can reduce the chances of sustaining a sports injury by warming up properly, knowing your limits and using the right kind of equipment depending on what you’re doing. If you’re playing rugby, for example, make sure you use a gum shield, while football players should ensure they have the right kinds of shoes and shin guards in place.

Warming up is perhaps the best way to prevent an injury. Begin by marching on the spot for a few minutes, then do 60 seconds of heel digs, 60 seconds of knee lifts, two sets of ten reps of shoulder rolls and ten repetitions of knee bends for an effective warm-up.

However, you need to make sure that you stretch and warm down properly afterwards as well. Spend at least five minutes doing some stretches to help slow your heart rate and encourage your body to relax slowly. Stretch your hamstrings, inner thighs, calves and outer thighs to help prevent any injuries from occurring.

Listen to your body as well. If you feel any muscle twinges or any sore spots, give yourself a rest and perhaps skip exercise for a day or two.

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