3 Top Sports To Try This Year

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No doubt everyone has already made a few New Year’s Resolutions (and no doubt some of you have already broken them), but in case you’ve not yet thought of any, why don’t you tap into the whole ‘new year, new you’ idea and take up a sport in 2016. Here are three you might like to try.


This is certainly a very exciting sport (and even better, one you can tie in with a holiday away!) but you need to practice your technique to help prevent injuries. Make sure you stay evenly balanced over your skis, don’t look down at your tips, don’t be afraid of falling, go slowly and have patience, and make sure you take a few lessons.


Lacrosse is another fast-paced sport and one that will take quite a bit of practice at to become proficient. Beginner tips include catching the ball as if it were an egg, facing the passer when receiving a pass so you don’t get hit with the ball and practicing cradling the ball (the art of keeping it in the pocket of your lacrosse stick).


This sport requires skill, patience, stamina and determination – but it’s an awful lot of fun once you’ve mastered the basics. Practice your lunging (as you’ll do this a lot) and try to keep your blade work under control so that you’re only making tiny movements when parrying and riposting.

Whatever sport you try this year, make sure you have the number of an Addlestone physiotherapy specialist just in case you sustain an injury and need help with recovery.

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